Company Overview

Trade name Iwatsuki Co., Ltd.
Head office 〒174-8556
1-32-18 Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan [Map]
Business Content Manufacturing and sales of textile hygienic products, medical and nursing products, and adult diapers
Representative Hiromasa Iwatsuki, Representative Director and Company President
Founded October 1923
Total number of employees Approximately 250

4 Fields


・Medical care at hospitals
・Health care
・Emergency medical treatment
・Dental care

Medical care at hospitals

Developing a variety of essential products for medical care at hospitals such as cotton, gauze, bandages, infection prevention products, and medical assistance items.

Health care

Developing a variety of products to support health and nursing care at home such as adult diapers, incontinence pads, nursing goods, surgical masks, and our home care series.

Emergency medical treatment

Developing a variety of essential products for emergency care and disaster area support such as emergency bandages, alumic metalized paper sheets (emergency blanket), emergency and evacuation supplies, and emergency toilet products for disasters which can be used without water.

Dental care

Developing a variety of essential products for dental clinics such as dental gloves.

Iwatsuki Niigata Factory

Iwatsuki product manufacturing process Niigata QMS* Factory: Creating superior products through rigorous quality control *QMS: Quality Management System


Sterile products are handled in our clean room. To provide convenience in clinical environments, we have reduced our packaging size to single-use quantities.


Products are inspected as part of the packaging process, then re-inspected once again afterward. Defective and inferior quality products are removed, and the remaining products are packed up after the second round of inspections is complete.


The completed products are placed into a sterilization chamber and sterilized. Sterilization is managed based on sterility validation standards.


After examinations to ensure there are no issues such as improper sterilization or remaining sterilization gas residue, products are shipped out from the factory.

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