Corporate Philosophy

"Focusing on health with a gentle gaze."

At this company, we work tirelessly, continually challenging ourselves and creating demand for the sake of good health and a fulfilling lifestyle for all people. In this way, we hope to be a bridge connecting people who use our products with others who need them for the mutual benefit of both groups. We value the feelings of each individual employee, continually listen sincerely to the wishes of people seeking to improve their health, and let our dreams and passion drive our work. Day by day, we are continually making efforts to provide appropriate solutions to the diversifying needs of people in search of good health.

Message from the Company President

At Iwatsuki, we started as an absorbent cotton manufacturing and sales company in 1923, and we have always devoted ourselves to people's health ever since the company's founding. Through our over 90 years of history, we have expanded our product line from three types of hygienic materials, gauze, cotton, and bandages, to a wider range including medical consumables, paper diapers, and nursing-related goods. Currently, our products are used not only in medical fields such as surgery, orthopedic surgery, and dentistry, but also for nursing, emergency care, infection prevention, and disaster-handling applications. In this way, we provide a range of materials, products, and services which help people in a variety of different situations. As people's feeling about health have diversified, we have taken on fulfilling a wider range of these needs to a greater depth as our company's social mission. The declining birth rate and aging population trends in Japan are expected to continue progressing. Using the proprietary knowledge we have acquired through our long years in business, Iwatsuki will become even more proactive in our contributions to this problem. In order to ensure all of our customers can continue to use our products with peace of mind, we will provide a stable supply of safe materials and goods. This is Iwatsuki's most important duty, and we are moving forward step by step as the kind of company that you can trust to assist you in your daily life.

Iwatsuki Co., Ltd.
Hiromasa Iwatsuki